Who is Julie Dibens?

Who is Julie Dibens?

December 14, 2018 0 By customer5218

Her full name is Julie Claire Dibens, a woman which is born on March 4, 1975 and she is a professional triathlon athlete who has echoed her name to the whole world. She began his career in the world of sports as a swimmer, just when he was just 16 years old Julie Dibens had fought for her country, Great Britain as a junior swimmer.

The beginning of her career led Julie Dibens to receive an award for a swimming scholarship at Louisiana State University, and from this scholarship her career in the world of sports began to skyrocket until she received several awards due to her performance as an athletes.

Including some of the awards from America. As an athlete who is considered very young, Julie Dibens has been able to obtain two degrees at the same time from the scholarship she obtained, BS from Kinesiology and all of these achievement are thanks to the physiology training and learning that she do every time in her life.

She also continued to improve her abilities until the end of his college years, right in 1997 Julie Dibens began practicing for a new branch of sport namely Triathlon. Her steps to embark on the sport he had just begun finally produced amazing results, Julie Dibens managed to put her name as a Triathlon athlete who entrenched with a myriad of achievements.

One of the most proud moment, which was when she became world champion for the 70.3 in 2009 and also world champion Xterra with unstoppable win for 3 consecutive times, specifically in the year of 2007, 2008, to 2009, additionally she also won 3rd place at the Ironman World Championship. This proud achievement has indeed brought her name to prominence, not only as a swimming athlete but also as a multi-world athlete who made many achievements in a very proud triathlon competition.