Julie Dibens and Her Career

Julie Dibens and Her Career

December 16, 2018 0 By customer5218

Julie Dibens who also known as Julie Claire Dibens is not just any ordinary athlete, this name might be very appropriate and also familiar to many athlete from England especially athletes that do triathlon. Julie Claire Dibens, born in Salisbury in 1975, began her career as a swimmer who defended her country in 1991 and managed to get her first scholarship at LSU (Louisiana State University) in the same year.

Julie Claire dibens and her career cannot be said to be an instant one. She had to go to college first until she won two titles at once. until 1997 when he successfully completed his studies, Julie Dibens finally began to climb his new world in the triathlon. Her hard work as a person really pays off in the end.

Through his training period in Colorado, Julie Dibens finally began to get several awards in this new sports branch. the most striking was when she won several prestigious triathlon competitions such as becoming World Champion 70.3 in 2009, Xterra world championship 3 times in a row in 2007-2009 and 3rd place in the Ironman World Championship.

Although as an athlete Julie is considered as one of the most successful athlete with many achievement and win, it does not means that Julie Dibens’s career always run smoothly. In the year of 2000 during the Summer Olympics, she was unable to fulfill the conditions and was forced to withdraw because of the injuries she suffered at that time.

Until the year of 2014, Julie decided to retire as a professional triathlon and focus on becoming a full trainer. until now Julie Dibens was training a group of athletes in the city of Boulder. in fact this was the beginning of his career as a trainer because she had started training several small groups in 2006 when she helped set up a triathlon training site in the UK.