Where Julie Dibens was Born

Where Julie Dibens was Born

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Julie Dibens is a professional British triathlon athlete. He was born in Salisbury, England, March 4, 1975. As a British-born athlete, Julie had represented England at the Summer Olympics in 2004. In 2000, Julie was actually scheduled to take part in the Olympics. But because of a knee injury, Julie’s presence at the Olympics was cancelled. Julie won the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in 2009 and XTERRA Triathlon World Champion in 2007, 2008, and 2009. Currently Julie chose to settle in Boulder, Colorado. Even though he was retired, Julie still worked in the field of triathlon as a coach with her team called JD Crew.

Professional Athlete Julie Dibens was born

Julie Dibens began her career as a swimming athlete in 1991. As a British-born athlete, Julie represented England as a junior in swimming sports. Julie then received a scholarship from Louisiana State University. This scholarship from LSU was received thanks to her achievements in the field of swimming. Even when she was studying at LSU, Julie had also been a swimming team. After completing her education and succeeding in winning two titles, namely B.S of Kinesiology and M.S Exercise Physiology, Julie began practicing for triathlons in 1997. This sport is a combination of swimming, sprinting and cycling.

Despite starting her career as a swimming athlete, it was unexpected that Julie was quite talented in triathlon. Evidenced by the kinds of achievements that he got. After a long career, Julie decided to retire as a professional triathlon athlete. Then he became a coach and formed a team called the JD Crew. She trains a group of professional athletes and also provides high motivation. Julie and JD Crew provide disciplined training for athletes to improve their abilities. She began her career as a coach in 2006. Even so, only this time Julie became a full-time triathlon coach.

Julie is a born athlete in Salisbury, England. This made her a British citizen. She also represented England several times in several race events by https://agensbobet108.com For example, in 2004, he represented England in the Olympic Games. Actually in 2000, Julie was able to take part in the Olympics. But due to a knee injury that was experienced, she couldn’t help but cancel the Olympics. Julie is proof of an athlete with talent and willpower. She never stopped practicing to get proud victories and achievements. If you look at Julie’s efforts as an athlete, it’s not wrong if she becomes an inspiration for some people. Especially for athletes who also come from England.